The Perixx PERIBOARD-518H offers the functionality of a full keyboard and number pad, but in a nice compact footprint. This means you get a full typing experience without taking up too much desk space.

The device is a little thicker than some other keyboards, but it also has features that many lack such as dual USB ports on the left side, and a trackball complete with left and right mouse buttons. It features island chicklet style keys so they are nicely spaced apart for an easy typing experience. The keys feature a good amount of vertical travel and are nice and quiet when in use.

The trackball is nice and responsive, though it takes some getting used to. The platform where it sits resembles a trackpad, but it is non functional in the model. Simply position the cursor over what you want to select on the screen and use the buttons below the ball to make your selection. The keyboard also has audio control buttons as well as media control via the Fn button. Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock all trigger very obvious and bright white status lights.

There are no-slip rubber feet on the bottom, as well at two feet which can flip down to raise the back of the keyboard if you prefer an angled experience. When angled up however, the keyboard can move around a bit as there is no rubber on the flip down legs. The USB cord is nice and long at 6 ft. and will easily reach to the back of your system. Scrolling is made easy by using the Fn key with the up and down arrow keys, a nice touch that I found I used often.

Overall I was very pleased with the PERIBOARD-518H, the keys are well laid out and easy to read, as well as nice and quiet when typing away. The USB hub is a welcome addition for transferring files without having to reach down to your system. The only change I would suggest would be an easier way to scroll, perhaps the addition of a dedicated button that would transform the trackball into a scroll wheel.

This item may be purchased here:

*Full disclosure: This product was provided to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. No guarantee of a positive review was made and all insights are my own.


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