Patec Bluetooth FM Transmitter

The Patec Bluetooth FM Transmitter is a very unique little device. It acts as a hub for connecting your phone to your older car that is not equipped with Bluetooth. There are many devices out there that can allow you to play your music through your car audio system, but this little guy is one of the most complete packages I have had the pleasure of using.

First, this unit does not require any cables to be used. This is a nice change as most other Bluetooth adapters use an aux cable to transmit the audio signal to the car so you have unsightly cables running all over your dash. This device transmits the signal via FM to the vehicle so there is not need to run wires everywhere. The quality of the transmission is very good, simply choose a station that is not in use in your area and get crystal clear stereo sound with great bass.

Pairing was very simple, my phone was able to identify and pair to the unit without issue. The main knob allows you to adjust the volume of your music as well as acts as a play/pause button. The arrow buttons allow you to change tracks without having to touch your mobile device. The buttons are also backlit, and the brightness level is just perfect, not dim, and not overpowering in nighttime driving.

The display is very easy to read if looking at it head on, however, it does not excel at off-angles. When first starting up, the unit displays the voltage from your car battery, and then the device name of your connected device. When a phone call comes in, the number displays on the screen, your music is suspended (muted, not paused) and you can hear the phone ringing through the car speakers. Simply press the phone button on the FM transmitter and you can take your call hands free with the built in microphone. People were very easy to hear in the car during calls.

The device also has a built in USB port which you can use to charge your devices. I have used it with my Galaxy Note 4 and found it was able to charge up the device even while it was in use. This was a nice surprise because I have even used dedicated car chargers that were not able to keep up with my power hungry device.

Overall I am very happy with the device, it provides clear stereo music and excellent hands free calling capabilities. The display is handy and easy to read, and the blue lighting is very attractive. There is an aux cable included in the package if you need to use that functionality, and the addition of a micro SD slot is also a nice touch.

This item may be purchased here:

*Full disclosure: This product was provided to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. No guarantee of a positive review was made and all insights are my own.


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