RAVPower Mini Car Charger

The RAVPower Dual USB Car Charger is a perfectly sized all metal device which is very solidly constructed. The size means it is not much larger than the cigarette lighter it replaces and therefore can remain in place when not in use in most cases.

It comes packaged in an attractive little box, nothing over the top or unnecessary, while remaining pleasant and appearing higher end. The unit does not include a USB cable, however we all have far too many of them laying around, this allows the product to be priced very competitively which is a major plus.

The charger has two 2.4A outlets, which means it will be able to charge two devices simultaneously. I was impressed that this charger was actually able to charge up my phone even while it was being used. I have used many other chargers that have only been able to hold a charge level, or only slowed its draining. I use a Note 4, and while the iSmart technology does not trigger the Quick Charge setting on my phone, it does charge it at a reasonable rate for an automotive charger.

I appreciate that the charger provides a constant charge regardless of the input from the battery. This is very important when it comes to charging delicate electronics as they have very sensitive circuitry which can be easily damaged. This provides me with peace of mind that my device will charge safely.

Overall this RAVPower Car charger is solidly constructed and able to handle charging 2 power hungry devices at once. It looks great with its black metal clad design, and when it is plugged in, the subtle blue indicator light looks great at night. Definitely a great value, high quality product.

This item may be purchased here:


*Full disclosure: This product was provided to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. No guarantee of a positive review was made and all insights are my own.


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