Mpow Solar Powered Spotlight

The Mpow Solar Spotlight is a very well constructed outdoor light which is substantially brighter than a traditional solar light thanks to its 4 LED design. This unit is particularly unique as it features dual folding solar panels. Not only is this an interesting look, it also serves the purpose of enabling the unit to collect sunlight from multiple angles, allowing for creative placement in your garden.

The package includes both a spike for traditional garden placement as well as a set of screws with anchors if you wish to secure the spotlight to a deck or the side of a building. I chose to use the garden spike and had no problem inserting it into hard soil. It is made from very hard plastic, not the flimsy kind used in some cheaper solar lights which can snap very easily.

There is a rubberized button on the bottom of the unit which allows you to turn on and off the unit, as well as select between its two brightness settings. The button is actually fairly hard to press in, but that is not too much of a concern, as once set, the unit automatically powers itself on at dusk and shuts down for charging at dawn. The spotlight is very solid, and I have no concerns regarding its ability to withstand a Canadian summer, rainstorms and all.

From my experience the light powers on when the sun sets and has no problem staying on all night. I use the spotlight on the lower brightness setting as that is suitable for my needs. I have not used the motion sensing feature, and am unsure how it functions, as the light seems to operate as a traditional solar light.

Overall I am very happy with this solar spotlight. It is well constructed and sealed tight against the elements. Its two brightness settings should make it suitable for most uses. I am very confident that this unit will outlast some of the cheaper ones I have used in the past from big box retailers.

This item may be purchased here:

*Full disclosure: This product was provided to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. No guarantee of a positive review was made and all insights are my own.


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