Etekcity Bluetooth Enabled Scale

The Etekcity Bluetooth Scale is a very well constructed instrument. It features a futuristic design and advanced functions which make it ideal for tracking more than just your weight. Design wise, the scale is made of beautiful blue glass with a mirror finish. It looks amazing placed on a white tile floor, and feels very sturdy when stood upon.

When I received the product I was impressed right away, even the box for this scale comes off as high quality. With large, glossy images showing the scale and companion app, it is very striking. Inside, you will find the scale very well padded and protected from shipping bumps and drops. Included are 4 AA batteries which last a very ling time while also being cheaper and easier to replace than the button cell batteries used in most bathroom scales. The scale remains in a standby power-saving mode until it senses weight, at which time the display activates and it begins measuring your weight.

The scale has a very large and easy to read LCD display with a bright blue backlight. It is by far the easiest to read scale I have ever used and perfect anyone with poor or aging vision. Measuring your weight is very quick and completed within seconds. I found the measurements to be accurate and on par with other measurements I have taken on various other scales. My weight remained steady over several measurements I took in a one hour period, proving that it is maintaining accurate measurements and not just displaying a ball park weight.

The application “Etekfit” was very easy to set up and use. The manufacturer made it very convenient by including QR links to the android and iOS apps in the instruction manual. It keeps track of your daily weigh-ins so you can see how your weight changes over time. It also lets you know your BMI as well as numerous other weight contributors, including helpful information explaining what the numbers mean to you. I am using an android device running version 5.1.1 and had no connection or app problems during my time using it.

This is by far the most attractive bathroom scale I have ever seen; it looks like it was taken right out of a certain high-tech billionaire super heroes lab. It is solidly built and accurate in its measurements, very important traits in an item you put all your weight on. Overall I was very pleased with this product and it is well worth getting if only for its design and weight measurement; the tie in with the companion app is simply an added bonus.

This product may be purchashed here:

*Full disclosure: This product was provided to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. No guarantee of a positive review was made and all insights are my own.


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