Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick

The Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick is a much higher quality selfie stick than anything I have used in the past. It features a built in rechargeable battery which comes pre-charged and has incredible stamina. The device is very solidly built, yet compact enough that you can drop it in your bag and take it with you everywhere.

The product arrived in a simple blue and white box which contained the selfie stick, detailed instruction manual, micro-usb charging cable, and satisfaction card. The device is very compact and lightweight, and features a single button which acts as both the power and shutter button. One very clever design feature is that the arm which holds the phone folds closed over the power button preventing you from turning on the device while in your bag or pocket.

The all black design is very eye catching. The arm which holds your phone has soft rubber claws which will not scratch your device. The holder can pivot back about 100 degrees, allowing you to get just the right angle for your shot. The expandable portion of the stick is made out of very strong and lightweight aluminum which allows it to hold your phone very securely, even when fully extended. Extending the stick adds 22” to the device which lets you fit all of your friends in the frame. The selfie stick also features a loop for your wrist which has stopped me from dropping it more than once.

I have been using the Anker Selfie Stick with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, a very large phablet, and have had no trouble at all. Pairing the device to my phone was incredibly easy. The selfie stick power button blinks blue while it is searching for a pair, and once paired turns a solid blue. The device shows up on my phone as “Anker selfie stick” so it was as simple as selecting it, and it was paired. All you have to do then is open your camera app and the button on the selfie stick functions flawlessly as your shutter button.

Overall, I have been very impressed with the Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick. The use of Bluetooth rather than a physical wire makes the device much more user friendly and attractive than some competing products. The fact that it uses a rechargeable battery saves you money over time and reduces waste. I have been very impressed how well it holds my very large Note 4, and with Anker’s amazing 18 month warranty, I know I will be using this device for a long time to come.

This product may be purchased here:

*Full disclosure: This product was provided to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. No guarantee of a positive review was made and all insights are my own.


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