Anker Note 4 Battery 2-pack with Charger

After almost a year and a half, my Note 4 battery was starting to show its age. It would drop from 15% to 0% in less than 1 minute and continually reboot the phone until it was removed. I decided to try Anker batteries based on their great reviews and the very competitive pricing; and while the batteries do work, there are a few drawbacks that will most likely keep me from purchasing another Anker product in the future.

The package these items ship in is quite high quality. It is compartmentalized and holds everything neatly and securely. The batteries themselves are equivalent in size to the OEM Samsung unit and their charge level displays accurately on the phone, counting all the way down to 1%. This however, is also where the first issue arises. Both batteries have not been able to charge past 90-91%. I have only ever charged them in the included travel charger, and they have never been able to reach that magic 100%. Stamina wise, they last longer than my aging OEM battery, possibly rivaling it when it was at its peek.

The travel charger has a folding AC plug which makes it easy to drop in a bag or pocket and take with you. It is solidly constructed, and features a blue rubber strip that rests against the wall as the unit is plugged into the outlet, a nice touch. The battery and charger rely on a perfect fit in order to keep the battery in place during charging, and this is where the second problem arises. The bottom of the battery is a black plastic strip held in place by two white paper/sticker strips. As seems to have happened to other reviewers, mine has began to come loose after less than a month of normal use and now does not fit as snugly into the charger. The bottom of the battery now bends and unless I lay the charger flat while plugged in (this requires the use of a power bar) the battery will not remain secure, and fall out. One additional note, the instruction manual states that the LED will be red when charging and will turn to blue once fully charged. The LED in fact illuminates purple while charging and blue when fully charged; not a problem, just a little confusing the first time you plug it in.

I was excited when I purchased these batteries, and had high hopes for them. While they have so far not failed me, they are physically deteriorating rapidly, and I fear the bottoms will soon disconnect from the batteries. I hope this does not occur, and that I can continue to use these Anker batteries for the remaining life of my phone.


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