Patec Second Hard Drive Caddy

The Patec Second Hard Drive Caddy allows you to turn the barely used CD/DVD drive in your laptop into a much more useful additional hard drive bay. It lets you move your less used files off your boot drive, yet keep them with you wherever you go, unlike an external drive which can be misplaced or forgotten.

These days, many new laptops do not even include CD/DVD drives, and for good reason. Most programs and applications can be loaded on your computer via download from services like the Microsoft Store or Steam. This means your old optical drive is just wasting the space it is occupying. That is why this HDD caddy is such a clever solution to the storage problem we all face.

The installation process in my Asus G73JH was simple enough, requiring me to remove the bottom cover from my gaming laptop. The included screwdriver with the HDD caddy was a nice touch. I installed a 250GB Samsung EVO SSD into the caddy and it was recognized right away. Running games from the drive like Supreme Commander 2, I noticed that the loading time was much quicker than from my stock drives (the G73JH already had dual drives) but this should be expected as this new drive is an SSD as opposed to a standard 5,400 rpm HDD. I like the fact that the slot cover of the caddy is designed to look like a DVD drive, however it did not blend in well with my system; the caddy face is very square as opposed the curved design of my laptop. This cannot be held against the caddy as it was clearly designed to fit the greatest number of drive bays, and would look at home in the vast majority of them. Plus, if you are very picky, you could always affix your original drive cover to this unit.

Overall I am very pleased with the Patec HDD/SSD Caddy. This little device can breath new life into your aging laptop. It can free up space on your main boot drive and allow your system to run smother and faster.

This product may be purchased here:

*Full disclosure: This product was provided to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. No guarantee of a positive review was made and all insights are my own.


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