Mpow Streambot Wave

The Streambot Wave is far more than just another Bluetooth receiver for listening to music and taking calls, this handy little device actually transforms the way you play your music in the car. My 2009 car is not equipped with Bluetooth, and so in order to listen to music from my phone I must plug it in via the aux jack. While that may not seem like a big deal, if I want to listen to anything other than shuffle,  I need to take my eyes off the road in order to control the device. This is both unsafe and against the law, which is why I have just lived with listening to whatever song came on.

All of this changes with the Streambot! Utilizing gesture sensing technology, the Streambot allows you to play/pause, play the next song, or the last song all with the swipe of your hand in the air. Initially I thought this would just be a gimmick and that I would not use it; boy was I wrong.

After attaching the receiver to my dash with the included two-sided tape pad and plugging in the device to both the included double DC jack (one USB slot for the Streambot, one for a device of your choice) and aux input, I was ready to go. Pairing was very simple and I had no problem with my Galaxy Note 4. The device is actually fairly attractive, and it’s small size allows you to position it in many different locations depending on what suits you best. There is a soft blue glow the slowly pulses around the outer rim of the receiver and adds nice ambient light to the dash.

I use Spotify as my main source of music, so that is what I tested the Streambot with. I was actually very impressed with the sound quality it produced,  it surprisingly sounds better than the device plugged in directly to the jack did. I imagine this has to do with Bluetooth 4.0 being used, as well as the included ground loop noise isolator. The bass in the songs is now much more pronounced and a very welcome change. Controlling your music, my favourite feature of the device,  is also simple and fairly reliable. To go to the next song,  wave your hand right across the receiver, to go back, wave left.  If you want to pause or resume playing,  hold your hand in front of the receiver,  and then pull away. The Bluetooth connection is pretty reliable, however it did drop a few times while driving down the 401. This is no different than built in receivers in other cars and is not that much of an issue as the device automatically reconnects. Overall, I am very pleased the the Mpow Streambot. It provides very good audio quality, the motion sensing controls work well, and it allows you to keep your eyes on the road where they belong. For providing a safer music streaming experience,  I would very much recommend this product for people who do not have Bluetooth built into their cars.

*Update: After an update to my cellphone, I have not experienced any additional dropping issues with my bluetooth connection.

*Full disclosure: This item was provided to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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