Etekcity Pocked Sized pH Meter

As my first digital pH meter,  I must say, this is much nicer to use than those annoying paper strips,  and much more economical depending on how often you need to take measurements.

The product comes in a handy and attractive storage case which contains the meter, instruction booklet, and reset tool. The display is very brightly backlit and easy to read in all lighting conditions. The meter feels solid and the batteries come preinstalled and ready to use.

After reading the instructions, I was able to set up the meter and begin taking measurements. The accuracy of this meter is much greater than the paper strips it has replaced,  giving me a better idea of the pH level in my samples. I have used this meter to measure the water in both my 10 gallon fish tank and 5 person hot tub. With a quick rinse and reset between uses, I have had no problems with inaccurate readings.

I had never thought about owning a digital pH meter in the past,  but now that I have used one,  I’ll never be going back to the old paper strips again. If you take readings from several sources or on a regular basis,  I would recommend you check out this reusable meter.

*Full disclosure, I was provided this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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