Mpow Wolverine Bluetooth v4.1 Wireless Headphones

At first I was skeptical, could Bluetooth headphones really provide the same sound quality as their wired counterparts? Turns out the answer is a resounding yes!

As my first pair of Mpow headphones, I did not know what to expect with these Wolverine’s. The package arrived quickly and the simple box was neatly packed with accessories and headphones clearly labeled in little baggies. It all had a simple elegance to it and reminded me of Apple packaging. The fact that they used soy based ink in the packaging was also a very nice touch. The attention to detail also continued through to the headphones themselves.

The look and feel of the Wolverine Bluetooth headphones is very premium. The cord connecting the two earpieces is clad in soft touch plastic that feels nice against the skin, and the aluminum earpieces feel sturdy and solid. Charging the headphones is easy enough using the supplied USB cord, you simply have to connect it to your phones adapter or any powered USB port. Charging to 100% takes less than 2 hours and provides about 8 hours of continuous play from my experience.

The sound quality of the headphone is also very respectable. My go to headphones have always been Apples earpods and besides the physical wire connection, I have never really had an issue with them. However, now that I have experienced wireless Bluetooth freedom, I don’t think I can ever see myself going back to being tethered to my device. Vocals and highs are very clear, and midrange notes have a nice pop. While the bass of these units is not necessarily as deep as I would have liked, it is still very respectable for a small wireless driver, and the freedom these headphones provide more than makes up for it. Combined with the amazing price these are offered at, the sound quality they provide is top notch.

With the use of the included comfort fitting accessories, I had no problem wearing these units for hours on end. Once snuggly and correctly positioned in the ear, they provide an impressive amount of noise cancellation, and the more snug they sit in the ear the better they sound!

I had no trouble at all pairing these headphones with both my iPad and Galaxy Note 4 and never once did I experience any dropping issues. The multiple shapes and sizes of included “ear stabilizers” made it easy to find a comfortable and secure fit, and never felt like the headphones were going to fall out during my commute or casual walks around my neighbourhood.

The design of the headphones is classy without being overly flashy and the Mpow logo is a simple stylized “M” and look good while being worn. The in-cable controller allows you to easily change songs and adjust the volume of what you are listening to without having to pull out your paired device.

Overall I am very pleased with the Wolverine Bluetooth Headphones; they offer very good sound quality in a stylish package, and can comfortably last you through your whole workday. The value of these headphones is phenomenal, and I would absolutely recommend them.

*Full disclosure, I was provided this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.



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