Aukey 16,000 mAh Quick Charge 2.0 Power Bank

The Aukey 16,000 mAh Quick Charge 2.0 Power Bank is a very high capacity portable backup battery that is easy take with you and provides that extra peace of mind. As my first Aukey product, I was skeptical as to how good the quality could really be. I usually only purchase brand name products, but thought that I would give this a try based on it’s price and Amazon reviews.

I have used other portable batteries in the past to hep charge my phone, and while they were smaller and lighter, they took a VERY long time to charge my phone and could only charge it once. This battery uses Quick Charge 2.0 technology to charge compatible devices much faster. My Galaxy Note 4 can be charged 4 times from one charge of the battery pack, or 3 times if I am also using the phone while it is being charged. The battery has one status light which illuminates either green, white, or red depending on it’s charge level. This unit is also equipped with an LED flashlight which is decently bright and comparable to my phones flash. I also like the fact that you can charge two devices simultaneously, which should come in handy on my upcoming trip to Japan, as i will be able to share the power with my travel companions.

I will update my review after the trip, but as of right now, I am extremely pleased with the Battery Pack, and would highly recommend it.


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